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Guide to Buying your First Motorhome

We understand that buying a new motorhome is a significant investment. It can also be little confusing. To make this process as easy as possible we have combined our decades of experience to compile our top tips and recommendations to create a Guide to buying your First Motorhome in Australia.

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Seamless Nationwide Purchasing Experience

At Melbourne RV, we understand that a significant number of our customers reside outside Victoria. We are dedicated to ensuring a seamless purchasing experience, no matter where you are located.

We simplify the process by discussing all details over the phone, providing quotes and purchase agreements via email, and supplying all necessary permits for your travel back to your home state. Additionally, we can arrange for your new RV to be transported directly to your area.

Purchasing from Melbourne RV is straightforward and convenient, no matter where you are in Australia. Contact our team today to learn how we can assist you.

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International Tourist RV Buyers

A growing number of visitors to our incredible country (yes, we are happily biased!) are choosing to tour for extended periods in their own motorhome. They recognise the superior quality and experience of traveling in a vehicle designed for private travel.

At Melbourne RV, we offer an end-of-tour “buy back service” and will arrange airport transfers to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Contact our team today to start your unforgettable Australian adventure.

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Motorhome and Campervan Finance

We use many different finance specialist who offer a range of finance options to suit every lifestyle.  Terms are competitive, approvals are fast and all are committed to a high level of customer service. Ask one of our team for details if this something you are interested in.

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Guide to Inspecting a Pre-Owned RV

Exploring a pre-owned RV and unsure where to start to determine its condition for its age? We've crafted a comprehensive guide to assist our customers in navigating the inspection process. Whether you're feeling excited or overwhelmed by the prospect of choosing a used RV, our simple checklist is designed to streamline your decision-making and ensure a thorough personal evaluation. Having this resource on hand can make the process of assessing an RV's suitability much easier.

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